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So, yesterday I introduced you to Zombie Tsunami and this time I thought we could venture into the world of smartphones with one of the most exciting mobile games ever created: Temple Run 2 Mod Apk. The game is perhaps best described as an endless run game much like its predecessor and offers gamers a very similar game play experience consisting of running through a variety of stunning locations in search of treasure.

It is so obvious that part 2 takes the second game to a new level with incredible high quality graphics and fun new features. Other than the usual upgrades, players can choose between various characters and even their pets, which makes the gameplay much more enjoyable by adding reasons to come back to this game again and again.

Temple Run 2 Mod Apk:

Temple Run and Temple Run 2 (were I’m guessing you mean the second) require players to be skillful in avoiding obstacles and picking up coins on their journey. You must focus on getting through dangerous cliffs, zip lines, dark dungeons filled with traps, rivers deep enough to drown in and waterfalls big enough to wash you down. Only one mistake, meant that you would become dinner for the vengeful spirit you set free by accidentally waking him up!

The gameplay you may be familiar with, but it’s pretty simple so don’t worry! You will be swiping the screen up to jump, down to roll and right to move. It also involves talking to people throughout your adventure. Remember though, talking is always easier than doing, especially when the game prevents your character from accomplishing whatever quest she might be on by building in so many subtle traps.

There are enhancements in-game like shields and magnets that assist you in your journey. The blue gems are pretty precious and they can come in very handy while you roam the streets of Waterfall City. As the name suggests, these blue gems can help you avoid dangers such as the aforementioned red diamonds and cash at an instant, but the amount that is given to users after each death doubles by every level up. These gems serve a great purpose in Subway Surfers , and one should try their best to save them up for when they need them most otherwise people might find themselves without extra lives as they begin to run out!

Temple Run 2 Mod Apk

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The features of this game are given below:


Temple Run 2 is a runner game that has endless run gameplay like that of Subway Surfer. Like, Temple Run 2 was released by the same company, but it also has other qualities and characteristics to it. You’re an adventurer who got lost in the mysterious forest, and by chance stumbled upon an ancient temple that still stands today despite being over a thousand years old. It’s you who puts this ancient relic at risk just by your mere presence! You awaken a giant monster that guards the temple and now you have to run until you can’t – don’t look back, because this creature is always on your tail! It will eat you alive if you don’t stay ahead of its pursuit!

Touch controls

As soon as Android gamers start to play with the incredible free runner title, they can quickly engross themselves in the game’s adrenaline-inducing environments and exciting challenges. As a result of its simple and straightforward controls, players find it simple to master their characters’ movements by solely relying on gesture and touch-based controls.

To move left or right around obstacles, all that needs to be done is swipe across the screen. To jump over traps and cliffs, all one has to do is tap on an area of the screen when directly next to them. And as far as enabling multiple power-ups are concerned within the game’s incredibly immersive environments, there’s absolutely no need for cumbersome keypad commands or joystick tutorials because everything can be controlled through simple tap-based prompts alone.

Awesome maps

If you’re interested, you can enjoy working with the fantastic maps in Temple Run 2, which are full of mysterious environments fit to explore your inner adventurer. Play with different setups featuring unique obstacles and environments with a variety of thematic elements to challenge yourself and have fun. Sprint through new organic stages that feature futuristic astronauts or aliens as you run away from dangerous ninjas! Take on an epic forest that’s fitting for our very own legendary treasure hunter, and take a spin around haunted castles during Halloween nights!

Difficulty levels

Those of you who may be interested and happen to be running in face of the obstacles in Temple Run 2 are able to totally enjoy the map. And why is this? Well there’s a reason for that… it happens because you never stop going against the increasingly difficult level of challenge plus the plethora of obstacles. More than anything it keeps the game enjoyable and you’re entertained as a result.


Temple Run 2 is a thrilling adventure game. It’s full of obstacles and comes with a character that needs to cross different kinds of paths while avoiding having a crack in his head, or legs – which is how we all get killed anyway, right? Everything else we manage to run into ends up breaking us. Well, you can see how death could be in grey and probably black and white when played this way! Seriously though, the game does come with an online mode as well as tons of other missions that take place on those paths – for example challenging your friends through Facebook may mean playing it together on the same screen although, if you wish. We do love socializing with friends!

Temple Run 2 Mod Apk

Having a shield is like having good karma. If you use the shield often and properly, your karma will work well for you so that nobody can push you out of the game. The goal of this shield is not to prevent yourself from being eliminated but it’s purpose is to keep other people away from manipulating or sabotaging your campaign or chances at succeeding or winning a battle which could send you out.

Awesome character

Temple Run 2 MOD APK has a variety of characters. Some characters have certain roles, and depending on the situation allow players to pick up some of them in order to develop their own personal style. The character is kind of doppelganger of the previous game “star maker”. The hero’s wife Claus and Bruce Lee, Maria Selvaggia, Scarlett Fox, Karma Lee, Barry Bonus, Guy Dangerous, Zack Wonder, Mr. Montague Montana Smith, Francisco Montoya, Imhotep , Cleopatra , Usain Bolt (Olympic Gold Medalist), monotone standard Rahi King Raja, Santa Claus is still there Freya Coldheart are all also available in Temple Run 2 MOD APK.

All of them have graduated from real life and has become a game. They have brought the work into this game, which is used to be a character in the game. We can customize individual suits with different colored clothes, powerups, abilities and hat. We can buy the costume you want for your son by spending either money or diamond in this game. As we are playing this game we can see the speed each of them by going through a map where we need to unlock all available characters first along with level selection before being able to select our character of choice.


Temple Run 2 is not a game which can be played using a very large scale map on your phone. With this in mind, it gives its users advanced features such as the ability to track distance and see the landscape below them while they’re running because there are lots of different obtrusive bridges only allowing players to pass through them if they’re able to jump over them with precision. The most interesting character of this game is one who has a gold body-armor: you can see him for yourself by playing Temple Run 2.

Yet another man dressed like a Christmas grandfather would carry the Christmas food for his loved ones as he walked down the street. Our thoughts are fully integrated into the game as we look at each man’s clothing and makeup while playing. All these people choose whom we like the most, and we can make them play this game.


Temple Run 2 APK offers a variety of challenges and individual achievements including store, objectives, artifacts, leaderboards, coin skins, stats. Essentially keys will have to coordinate in their tracks so we can move forward with any mission. We need those people to integrate their keys and open the gold box. Inside of which are significantly valuable gifts. One or two rewards were inside that gold box – one was cash and the other emeralds. We can take this game to the next level when using it to our advantage!

Rewards will be available not only at the end of the journey, but on our way down to discover more of what’s inside that key. They might also be lying in waiting for us if we answer all the questions right during this exciting event! Our coins might turn out to be the only weapons that can open up some secret paths, so it’s best not to throw them away until we’re certain they won’t be useful! Now that you know all about rewards, let your imagination run wild and conjure up meaningful, challenging and fun events or activities connected with this puzzling adventure—all you have to do is add some platforms and holes of different sizes and discover new ways to achieve your goals – now THAT’S a real challenge!

Unlimited money

Some mods can also contain amusing extras that make the game easier to play, like being able to manipulate the GUI or use better features which will make you want to try it. If you are a newbie though, we highly recommend trying out the original version of Minecraft first so that you may get the feel for how things work and really be able to appreciate what’s happening on your screen before taking shortcuts!

New  obstacles

There are always obstacles to increase your challenge as you run through the race, but if you become confused by all of them you may soon find yourself unable to move forward! At times trees appear randomly on the road, but we’d like for you to make sure that your character avoids touching the tree. Similarly there are other obstacles like rainbows made up of water and branches; whenever any of these show up in front of you, we’d like for you to swipe down so that the character can lie down and avoid the obstacle.

Temple Run 2 Mod Apk

A big hole suddenly appears if you don’t pay attention, you will lose your life and all the time you’ve spent trying to reach the other side would be pointless! A few rocks are randomly lying next to the road, but they could potentially cause you to lose balance so make sure to avoid them. Taking advantage of collecting many different coins can help to boost up your special powers that can help you get across with ease!

Special power

Performing jumps with only normal abilities is possible, but to properly preserve life. It would help if you collected a variety of special powers to help overcome great barriers. Temple Run 2 has some new features, which can enable you to benefit from unique strengths. You can randomly use strength after the energy bar has filled up as expected.* You can also play again at that step even if you fall into the cliff; just use the Green Gem collected during your run. Alternatively, players are able to go online and buy them in the store (with iTunes money).

Visual and Sound Quality:


Temple Run 2 makes it up in differing environments. In one area, you may find yourself racing through the snowy mountains with wolves stalking behind you while on another iteration of the setting you might find yourself in a tomb-like environment with ancient ruins and a huge dragon. The part that’s impressive is the different visual effects and smooth animations that are used to create these settings. You don’t have to worry about your Android device being too slow or old because Temple Run 2 was made to work on almost any phone or tablet out there.


With the addition of exciting sound effects and song-driven soundtracks, Temple Run successfully introduced Android users to a variety of innovative, immersive maps with unique audio experiences. The app was truly inclusive in that Android players experienced interesting runs with on-theme graphics and art designs; for example, you might find yourself dodging monsters’ breaths at varying intensity levels as the character moves through different environments.

Download/Install of game:

To download this very amazing game, you have to follow some steps:

  • Open your phone and then connect it with WIFI.
  • Now open settings and then tap on the security option.
  • Now from here enable the unknown sources if you have not enabled previously.
  • Now open the downloading link where there is file of game.
  • Tap on the install button which is usually at right bottom corner.
  • Wait for your game to be installed in your phone.
  • Launch from menu and you are done.
  • Enjoy your game

Temple Run 2 Mod Apk


Q: Is this game safe to play?

While the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game is totally safe for players to download, it is still important to make sure the threat of viruses and hacking are kept in check.

Q: Can this game be played offline?

Yes, without a doubt you can game offline and, just like eating delicious meals at home helps keep your hunger at bay, so too does playing the occasional solo game help stave off that feeling of being hungry in the office for more action.

Q: How can I change the character?

You can change the characters by going into options and then selecting the character you’d like. Purchase a different character by spending coins you’ve earned or paid to unlock that option.

Q: Is this game free?

This game is free to play, however there are some in-game items that can be purchased using real money. Can be used as a mediation technique when responding to negative feedback.


For the most part, I have provided all detailed information about Temple Run 2 Mod Apk. This is both a fun game for children and adults alike because it’s so very addictive! From the first version to this second edition, you can see an increase in great features. Let’s start playing and move on to endless endless modes with many different options available.

Temple Run 2 Mod Apk

Unlocking all of the characters in a game can be very rewarding because it makes you feel like you took a lot of time and effort on something worthwhile. Believe us, we know how it feels to spend hours on end trying to beat the game with a certain character because they just match your strategic approach and mindset! Well, the good news is that our version of the game has unlimited coins and gems without having to unlock any more characters. In fact, even veterans who have been playing since forever will be able to enjoy this full experience of what we’ve got to offer from the original version. All you need to do is download it from below!

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