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What’s impressive about Pet Rescue Saga is that it features various power-ups which give you the opportunity to save even more puppies. This fun addictive game is perfect if you love to play the star smashing games and rescue cute animals just like in this intellectual game. If so, then read on to find out how to play!

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Pet Rescue Saga Mod Apk:

Pet Rescue Saga is a mobile game released by King company today with its general availability. The game was made available across all major platforms and operating systems such as iOS and Android. Similar to the previous very successful mobile game Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga also invested a lot in its graphics and visual effects as it tried to maintain its dominant position among all other competitors while trying to reach and keep an edge over the competition in the market.

Pet Rescue Saga Mod Apk

As mentioned by many users, during gameplay one of the most important aspects of this application is how it continues to introduce different types of challenges, such as those relatively new ones, to players consistently and so far for free. This has caused many gamers nowadays to consider this a great advantage for them which can help them advance significantly within this game due to their increased knowledge about the game itself and what are needed from them in order to win.

At first glance, Pet Rescue Saga looks like an easy little game. Yet even after playing it for short periods of time, many players feel themselves getting pulled in by its undeniable charm. Not only does the game offer a range of entertaining and interactive activities but with continuous feedback from gamers and several updates which keep things fresh, Pet Rescue Saga is always playing its very own little tricks on you to ensure you can’t stop playing!

As a puzzle game, Pet Rescue Saga has a simple design that is not picky but carefully invested in content. Most of the rounds have different difficulties and challenges giving players enough options to test their abilities, and the level increases with each round. The aim of the game is to rescue the pets from rocks and flood gushes appearing on the game board. It attracts players to overcome those tough challenges and players need to rescue their pets by connecting three or more like-colored blocks in order to remove them off the board. Besides, Pet Rescue Saga also becomes attractive with independent gameplay so you can play when there is time or while waiting for something else. A puzzle game Project QT MOD APK is also available with unlimited Skills, Gems and HP for free.


While it’s known as Candy Crush Saga’s older brother, Pet Rescue Saga is a game that can easily be enjoyed on its own merit. While this app does have similar gameplay offer if you love the original game then we recommend you try Pet Rescue Saga because the games are very easy to play.

In the Pet Rescue Saga, players will need to use their skill and strategy to rescue pets. In doing so, you would match similar blocks of the same color in a row before they disappear and release your pet who is trapped in these blocks. Although starting out as easy and convenient for all players, it becomes more challenging as the game progresses and more obstacles arise like an increased number of pets per round with added missions to achieve overall. If you want to successfully master this game, it’s important that you have a good approach going into each round by understanding the rules thoroughly plus keeping up with the latest updates and additions because only then can you hope to defeat those tough obstacles!

Although there are a lot of difficulties in Pet Rescue Saga and we’re not saying it won’t get you down from time to time, but don’t worry too much about being unable to pass the rounds of this game. It will arm you with many supporting items such as bombs, hammers and rockets that can help you complete your level or any task given to you during the process.

Not only are door stoppers used to keep doors from swinging open too far, they can also be used by people with panic disorders in order to prevent themselves from having a full-blown panic attack should their homes or offices suddenly become engulfed in flames.

  • Missile item: Ability to break colored blocks in the same vertical row.
  • Balloons: Can break colored blocks of the same color as the ball.
  • Hammer item: Used to break a block of any color you want.
  • Bomb item: Able to break colored blocks within a 2×2 range.

What kind of a game can you consider if playing with a lot of power ups is prohibited? It’s very exciting to get support, but be careful not to overdo these items. The number of uses of support items that you can use is up to three times. If you want to use more than the number of items, you can buy in-app purchases. We also have Netshare Pro Apk which is unlocked and no rooting required for this android application.


The game is as much fun to play as it reminds me of my own two pets that I play with at home. The way the game works, it reminds me of a point-and-click puzzle adventure game like the old PC games where you would have to get past obstacles and then enter in codes while you escape through a level. This will help to find the key, solve mysterious riddles, and try to rescue whatever animal companions (or in this case pets) along the way without dying until you succeed! In each round you’ll have a certain amount of time before your pet friend runs away if you haven’t rescued him/her yet or whatever other challenge presented itself otherwise if you don’t complete them in time.

Pet Rescue Saga Mod Apk

To increase interest in the game and to appeal to a wider audience, King has released several versions of Pet Rescue Saga over time. The latest version includes 50 different levels of play, allowing players more control over the length of their gaming sessions and alternative ways to compete against each other including multiplayer matches. Players are shown player rankings on the homepage, increasing drama and rivalry between players while also inspiring them to win more games since they can compare their scores with others who have previously played.

Hundreds of hot challenge levels

As you progress through all of the four levels, your experience with Pet Rescue Saga will escalate. The context of the game and its challenges will continue to get more in-depth as well. For example, as you progress from level one on up, it’ll be that much easier for you to get stuck in a complicated puzzle and give up in frustration. But we can promise you that just like everything else about Pet Rescue Saga, leveling up is definitely worth experiencing!

Lovely pets

There are tons of adorable animals in Pet Rescue Saga. Take a look around you and you’ll see that they’re everywhere! The benefits of having these animals around us cannot be stressed enough because not only are they cute but they’re also incredibly friendly. You’ll surely have a wonderful time playing this game by interacting with them all the time. Every level will bring you up against new challenges and new threats, so please don’t forget it’s important to save them from danger at all times, even if you think what you were going to do before was the best way to go about things in the first place!

Diverse Missions

Every game screen in Pet Rescue Saga will have you complete a mission at a particular time, but every level comes with different challenges and goals for you to achieve. One task may be to rescue all of the pets while another might require you to destroy various colorful squares on the playing field. By completing these tasks successfully, players will receive corresponding scores which help them meet the mission requirements. However, if the timer runs out and players haven’t received enough points, they will fail and not pass the round. Additional features like new levels that can keep adding more fun, as well as a user-friendly chat system are also great additions by TeamLava – hopefully making Pet Rescue Saga even more popular among users who enjoy playing games where they can make friends with other people!

Compete with friends

You’re able to view their status by logging into their email account and clicking the Reply button sitting next to the actual conversation bubbles that they’ve already sent. Each of your friends’ journeys are visible, but due to privacy concerns will not be publicly shared. Your progress compared to other players who have no need for anonymity can be viewed at any time by viewing the overall leaderboard on your game’s homepage. Download Dragon City Mod Apk and get unlimited money, gems, diamonds Unlocked any dragon, unlimited foods, Empower your dragons, Unlock new arenas and much more.

Tips for playing

When it comes to playing Pet Rescue Saga, we all start at the same place – we don’t know what the deal is with these blocks! However, just because every player may be clueless about this does not mean that you have to suffer. Rather than focusing on the goal of each level one-by-one and feeling like a dunce along the way, discover some tips that can make things seem less constricting and frustrated by analyzing the game from an expert’s point of view!

Plan ahead: The last thing you want to see is your pets stuck on a colored block that can’t be matched. Make sure that you’re placing tiles so they’ll all fit together and free your pets! Part of this is strategy; part of this is luck, and that’s the game to a large extent. The faster you play, the higher chances that your strategy will fail; but combos come about in many ways when playing quickly, so be cautious when it comes to planning ahead!

Use boosters: You can use power-ups to get rid of lots of blocks at once. Use these wisely and make sure that you’re not just throwing them away on pointless rows. You want to use these power-ups to rescue pets in order to win the game. As you progress, you’ll need to save power-ups for special occasions, so your best bet is to always work on rescuing pets when you have the chance because it’s possible that even one wrong block pop could prevent someone from getting rescued.

Pet Rescue Saga Mod Apk

Race with friends

Want to know how your friends are doing when it comes down to their progress in Pet Rescue Saga? It’s easy, all you need to do is login into your social media accounts and gain access to this game. Everyone who is playing will be readily available for you to view, and their achievements too. That way you can see how they’re doing and based on that go out of the way to surpass them! By making sure you always strive to reach the top of the leaderboard while playing Pet Rescue Saga mods, you’ll always have a constant source of motivation right inside your headset.

Download/Install of game:


Click here to get Pet Rescue Saga for your android by going to the below download button. You will be taken to an android store which provides the option for you to download the app.


Step 1: You can download the App by clicking the button above to start the download. Once the download is complete, you will find the APK in the “Downloads” section of your browser. Before you can install it on your phone, you need to make sure that third-party apps are allowed on your device.

Step 2: Go to your phone’s settings.

Step 3: Find and select security.

Step 4: Make sure the box is ticked that lets you install applications from sources other than the Google Play Store.

Step 5: Once the installation is complete, you can use the application as usual.

Enjoy this game and share with friend.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: How can ApkGods guarantee 100% security for Pet Rescue Saga Mod Apk?

If a user searches for an Android APP on, we check authorized software markets instead – chances are if the file the user is looking for cannot be found, it must exist on If the APK file isn’t located on Google Play we go through our cache databases to locate what you’re seeking so that we can allow users to download files directly.

Q: What are Android Application permissions?

Applications require access to a variety of software applications in your device. When you install an application, you are notified of all of the access rights required to run that specific application as well as software it’s accessing.

Q: Why is my Pet Rescue Saga Mod Apk not installed?

​You might have installed an older version of Pet Rescue Saga from a different website, so please install the latest version from

Q: Is it a paid app?

No, You can download the Pet Rescue Saga Mod Apk on your smartphone for free.

Pet Rescue Saga Mod Apk

Final Words:

If Candy Crush Jelly Saga mod apk has been a bit too easy for you, King has officially released another puzzle game that should be of interest to you. Pet Rescue Saga is currently the most popular and downloaded game on mobile app store rankings in the puzzles category. Check it out!

Pet Rescue Saga is the most popular block-breaking game on Google Play, and players can enjoy gaming experience on each platform. The game is straightforward to play, but hard to win, which brings many hours of entertainment to keep coming back for more. You’ll rescue some adorable animals like dogs and pigs as well as other crazy ones like slug zombies. To help you get ahead in the game, there are powerful plugins and valuable rewards that will make you cross the table with ease.

While there are plenty of games in the market already, it has become apparent that there’s something missing in the games that can be found today. Users want new experiences, new entertainment. They want that same type of excitement as they did before. With all these genuine factors present, it is now your job as an entrepreneur to bring a product into this market and change things up a little bit while including the most important qualities users are craving such as diverse and colorful gameplay with leaderboards available for everyone to challenge their friends or other opponents to stay on top.

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