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Fish lovers will certainly find themselves enjoying this awesome mobile game from Playrix as you strive to decorate the most wholesome aquarium. Have access to plenty of unique types of fish and decorations that you can put in your tank and make it more beautiful.

Just like in the hit puzzle game Candy Crush Jelly Saga, this aquarium based mystery requires you to match a variety of fish-themed objects. Here, however, the twist is that you’ll be swapping individual tiles within each box rather than all across the board at once! Some boxes will also have special objects attached to them so keep an eye out for any changes in scenery as you make your way around the aquarium.

Moreover, the in-game match-three levels can provide you with some fun and relieve some stress from dealing with the everyday pressures that can mount in one’s daily life as an entrepreneur.  The in-game activities include enjoyable and relaxing fish tank puzzle game play so you can unwind any time you need a break to get your energy back.

Find out more about this amazing game by checking out our game reviews at Fishdom apk.

Fishdom Mod Apk

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Fishdom Mod Apk:

The game begins with the player receiving a prompt asking them to take care of a fish tank that is currently empty. It’s important to have your tanks filled up as soon as possible, but you have to choose wisely in order to get fish of the best species and affinity. This can be a tad overwhelming since it is easy to become confused over the different varieties and attributes in front of you!

Going out into the world and searching for new staff to bring on board is a very important part of being a CEO. You want to make sure that when bringing on new employees they’re getting along with each other’s unique personalities (which goes with the job) and that they are working effectively together to make sure things are running smoothly. When it comes down to handling all the aspects involved in making your business succeed you’ll need solid employees who can handle them capably. After you’ve found your new team members, you’ll need to do everything in your power as an employer to keep them happy so that they can give their best effort every day without losing morale or faith in what they do for a living.

Moreover, besides collecting fishes like Angelfish and Koi in game , players are also able to make use of their skills in match-three puzzle games to have new decorations on their fish tanks. By successfully completing several challenging levels, you will be rewarded with coins that can let you have more interesting decorations such as pirate ship or ocean reef on your fish tank.

A wide variety of different fish are available to keep if you don’t want them to swim away. You can even play with, care for, and talk to your fish every day – because we believe that it’s important that the owner is invested in their fish and makes a commitment to taking good care of it! The best part about playing with your very own virtual pet is the fact that you can do anything with your pets that you’d like. For instance, feeding them or decorating the tank however you please or even teaching them facts might be fun in the long run.

Features of Game:

Fishdom Mod Apk

The versatility

Game is a puzzle game consisting of more than 100 levels, all of which are challenging. However, no one can get bored during gameplay since there is a lot to accomplish in this advanced title. It contains various enhancements like minigames and assets as well as power-ups – it’s all laid out over hundreds of challenges and an ocean of seasons to discover. Beyond the regular gameplay elements, users can also log in using Facebook on Fishdom mod and can compare their scores with other players via the global leaderboard.

Accepting this concept though, you can also enjoy the mind-boggling minigames of game. It’s a mesmerizing creation which consists of one single minigame for each and every one of the levels in which these games contain overwhelming puzzles that you’ll have to clear to make your way through the water to provide the fishes with oxygen. Additionally, you can also enjoy the enormous fish tank where you can purchase all sorts of aquatic creatures by spending game coins and diamonds.

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Unlimited money

Money is the most important resource in every game as it allows you to buy assets and resources within a game. For example, In-app purchases are often used in games to purchase new and cool things like weaponry, vehicles, fish, and different types of equipment that allow you to advance further in a game or to gain access to extras that may not be available normally. In the game for example, there are many unique items (ah yes we love saying “fish” don’t we?) that can only be purchased using real coins so if you want lots of new rare species of fish for your aquarium then that means you need to go fishing by inviting your friends so they can catch exotic fish too or by buying them with IAPS if you wish.

By installing the Fishdom MOD APK, you won’t be forced to play hard to acquire game coins or pay real money to buy premium currency because this modified version is giving you infinite currency and diamonds so you can purchase anything you want on the inside. So do yourself a favor and embed your smartphone with a fabulous creation like this.

Play without interruption

As we told you above, game is the most convenient puzzle android game. Well, we agree that it doesn’t hurt the game too much either. But for Android users who are simply not able to control their curiosity about those goings-on in Isola and wouldn’t mind skipping past them altogether so as to save time and energy – this method has proven itself worthy of praise!

If you’ve ever been driven crazy by the ads in Fishdom, then you’ll be relieved to know that there’s a way for you to turn off those pesky ads for good! Simply follow the below link and download the Fishdom mod apk (which is also 100% ad-free so no more watching adverts after every round like they’re prolonging your agony while delivering nothing but headaches)!

Different solutions

Game is the ultimate aquarium match-3 game with over 150+ stylish and colorful aquariums to design and build, tons of amazingly cute fish to look after and hundreds of challenging levels to complete! It’s a wonderful experience in Fishdom: Endless Aquarium. Play this exciting new title from the makers of game, one of the most popular match-3 games on Facebook. Be sure not to miss out on this fresh new spin on the classic bubble shooter franchise invented way back in 2003! In this game, you will face more than 200 entertaining puzzles in totally different styles. Every new puzzle features something special! Some of them require escaping from a mysterious island, others involve an interstellar flight or a battle across the galaxy against alien robots and still others are taken right out of our Earth’s history.

Fishdom Mod Apk

Other players

You want to improve and upgrade your swimming pool in a faster way by joining games with many players, who remain competitive at all times. The other competitors are very creative and smart – but this doesn’t mean you should be afraid and hesitate when it comes to your own aquatic domain. By staying positive and remaining focused on your own individual gameplay, you’ll develop an upgraded swimming pool that looks better than ever.

Hundreds of different levels

In Fishdom apk you will have the breathing room to select each level of difficulty at your own pace. For example, Fishing Contest (first one) is the easiest compared to Red Snapper because you get three chances to finish each challenge while in the second one you only get two chances. Each level will offer different challenges therefore enabling a player to explore and experience different aspects of the game that match their level of expertise!

Home screen

The gaming app Fishdom mod is busily entertaining fans on the internet and mobile platforms with its pleasant design elements, fun sound effects and a massive selection of nautical-themed items. Here’s what you can expect from this oceanic game:

Visual and Sound Quality:


Board games really do offer players the kind of experience that collectible card games and even video games don’t always offer. The best part about board games is that they are perfect for players young and old. Take this game, for example: it offers your kids a chance to practice their reading skills while being able to interact with lovable little fishies at the same time! Something like interactive go fishing, perhaps? Or how about we dive into some active match-three levels free guns style; immensely enjoyable and filled with visual effects?

Fishdom Mod Apk

Sound and Music

If you’ve been feeling a little down lately, then the upbeat soundtrack emitted by the aquarium screen savers on game will help put a spring back in your step, ensuring that each and every day is enjoyed to its fullest. Help your fish friends find adventure, prosperity, and happiness all at once as you dive into an addictive underwater world; one that you can enjoy everyday with your new desktop screen saver app!

Tips For Playing Game:

I remember that one of the first games I ever played was Puyo Pop Fever. I didn’t know much about the game, so that is why I would like to talk a little bit about tips and tricks in case you have never played one of these games before or if it has been a while since you’ve taken a break from them. One thing you will notice when playing Fishdom apk (or any other match three game) is that they all follow similar rules – kind of like how every european country’s laws differ slightly but are still familiar enough to be similar overall.

It’s how many you match

Always aim for three or more matches in a single go – this is one of the quickest ways to rack up points. If you manage to score a four-match, that’s when you’ll get the chance to explode everything by activating your Rainbow Blast. Just by blowin’ things up, you can earn a heck of a lot more! In the event that you manage to chain together five successive matches, then it might just be worth trying out your Smart Bombs which will clear an entire column – making it easier for other blasts to occur. Maybe if you try hard enough and connect seven times straightaway, then there might be some Ace Up Your Sleeve waiting for ya! You never know what could happen if you strike lucky with this ultra-rare feature – maybe even half of the board will be wiped out?

Try to get moves bonuses

On some levels, you won’t be provided with all of the necessary resources to complete an objective unless you manage to clear it in a specific and challenging number of moves. If you do this – and don’t run out of space for one reason or another – then a special bonus will be awarded for each individual move remaining unused at the end (alongside a further opportunity to get even more points by clearing things in as few moves as possible). The best way to complete things quickly is to watch out for any bombs and firecrackers that appear in later levels which can help you clear certain regions, although only if bomb(s) appear on them in the first place… It pays off, trust us!

Keep your fish fed

Your fish have a health bar that goes from green to red to tell you how well they are being looked after. If you want them to make you the most money possible, they need affection and regular attention. Feed your fish at least once every hour so they can develop more wealth potential by being healthier in general. The fish food icon will appear at the bottom of the screen every few hours, and if you select it, your fish will feed themselves (possibly getting sick if they’re not feeding on time).

Keep the aquarium beautiful

Another great way to save money is by keeping your aquarium sparkling clean and full of life. This helps to earn you some extra cash as there are various ratings that determine what fish will be willing to stay and breed, which means you can potentially earn real money if a customer buys one. The great thing is, though, that this money can then be used on making the tank even more beautiful and livelier with other decorations or breeding equipment.

Use lightning

As you clear more and more objects, your lightning bar will fill up, but only if you are able to clear a certain number of objects in one go. You can take advantage of your full lightning bar to make a lot of large matches disappear as opposed to making pairs and triples.

Fishdom Mod Apk

Download and Install:


Game, is really simple to download. Just head over to our website and you’ll find it there waiting for you in just a few seconds.

This fantastic tool doesn’t require registration like most other programs out there that say they’re tools but turn out to be fake.

Instead of downloading something useless, you will get Fishdom Cheats for Android which you can apply directly using your Android device, without any tedious setup or lengthy install process.


To start playing the original game in your mobile device, first you have to download the game’s MOD APK file that’s available for free download on our website. Then, go to your phone’s search function, locate and select the file. Use your finger to place it inside the game folder which you will see once you finish selecting the file.

In the notification, click on “Install.”

The phone will take some time to install it – may be a few seconds.

When the notification says “APP INSTALLED,” you will be able to find it on the home screen.

Click on the icon, open the game, and have fun!

Congratulations! We’ve just been installed game in your Android Device and you’re able to game, just test the mod by following each step above. It comes with truly Amazing Features so it’s easy for you to download our mod and discover all its perks.


Q: Who is the publisher of the game?

Playrix Games publish the game.

Q: What is the genre of the game?

Game is considered as puzzle game.

Q: What is the latest version?

Update! Well, I’ve already downloaded the latest version of the game for you already. It’s available to you on your screen right now if you’re reading this.

Q: What are the requirements?

Your app needs to work on Android phones that are running the operating system 4.0.3 or later, and it needs to be 120MB or larger.

Q: Is it available in the Google play store?

Once your system has been setup, we’ll also send you instructions on how to download and insert this program into your internal systems.

Q: How much is it?

Every player is given the same chance to decide on the game based on their own preferences.

Fishdom Mod Apk

Final Verdict:

If you’re searching for advanced puzzle games with versatile gaming modes and unlimited resources, then Fishdom: Frosty Splash APK is the best option for you. It can work in almost all Android devices even if it’s rooted or not. Time to get puzzled and experience the gratuity with the help of Fishdom APK.

If you’re looking for a versatile, engaging and fast paced puzzle game that keeps you immersed in fun while simultaneously sharpens your brain and strategic thinking skills then game is the perfect option for android users. It runs smoothly across devices including unrooted ones, even with special features like fish tanks and plenty of challenge modes, making it quite hard to find a better game than this.

What's new

Dive into a romantic Fishdom update!
- Help Mimi get ready for a dream date!
- Participate in a romantic Season Adventures and find out who the dolphin's sweetheart is!

- Travel with Jackie Chu and his girlfriend to a snowy onsen.

- The paranormal Ghost Hunters aquarium!
- New fish: Spotted Boxfish and Teardrop Angelfish!
- New element: Blowfish!

We hope you enjoy the new update!
Have a good game!



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