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Dead Trigger 2 is the second game in the zombie game series of publisher Madfinger Games. It was developed to be an impressive upgrade to its predecessor with plenty of innovative new features. The graphics quality and visuals take your breath away! You will notice they are much more detailed, so you can watch as zombies break or penetrate through doors or walls and see every drop of blood splatter as each zombie falls as a result of impact from your shots’ that flood the screen!. Dead Trigger 2 offers precision controls thanks to its unique targeting system, zoom control action gaming elements and fully optimized use of advanced graphics powered by Unity 3D engine.Fans of the famous Candy Crush Jelly Saga will now have their chances to discover another great mobile puzzle game that they could enjoy. BeamNG Drive Mod Apk Download and enjoy Unlimited gems, Ads-free by Crashing Legends.

Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk:

In the game, players experience 49 missions of the storyline, 10 additional mission areas and ten different environments to explore. The control system is designed in a way so it can never be confusing or annoying. Players can also pick up a variety of weapons as they progress through the game and make themselves stronger by utilizing a leveling system which allows them to face even stronger enemies with ease.

Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk

The imaging system comes with a 3D graphic quality. It is easy to use and has nice fluidity in terms of animation. A real time battle feature comes along with motion capture technology, so you can play the game among your friends or other people who have discovered this new generation game. Some features that are highly appreciated for Dead Trigger 2 mod: The default control system which includes an optimized dynamic touch and control experience, attacking patterns which convey rapidly reflected player interactions and a better and attractive video sharing interface.


Zombie games have come far from the simple ones we played during our childhood. Today’s titles are more sophisticated and realistic since they look to provide a sense of survival. However, what makes these games more high quality than the rest? Let’s find out!

Sniper mode

In addition to the story mode, you are able to participate in the sniper mode option – where the best gunners will be able to get in on some zombie carnage. Many innocent lives are at risk while they are moving to a safe area that is quickly becoming surrounded by zombies. It’s a race against time as you attempt to use your sharpshooting skills and try and keep these poor souls alive for as long as possible! But wait… it also gets crazy busy with zombies trying to climb up into your copter like there’s no tomorrow! Are you lacing up your boots and ready for this extreme challenge?

Missions and Objectives

The entire campaign takes place within a diverse and rich world, so the mission system is extremely varied and extensive in helping players succeed. Depending on the content available, players must kill enemies, defend positions, supply runs, hideout firefights and vehicle gunning. The different characteristics of each mission type help make the game more varied and suitable for many different types of players – both newbies as well as experts. And there are many secrets scattered about the various levels that will help players earn extra money!

Multiple Weapons

Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk

The variety of weapons is an awesome thank that Dead Trigger 2 wants players to enjoy and use in order to help them kill zombies in any way possible. The way the weapons look and feel when being used makes it easier for one to develop an online strategy for zombie killing, like a different combination of weapons and weapon supports so one can better control the bloodshed – this is what we the developers think is great about our new game! (we have an image further down with 4 of these specific guns on it)

More reward

Individually, players are weak and inexperienced. But when you gather all of their efforts towards a common goal, the results can be truly astonishing! This is why factions exist in this game, so that people from around the world (and possibly beyond) can band together to battle against all sorts of undead creatures in an effort to save humanity. We’ve created a ranking system within our faction system that allows players to challenge one another for “glory” and rewards based on how well they collectively perform against zombies.

We think this provides an incentive for both those who like to roam solo as well as those who enjoy team-oriented game play! Hearing about the various exploits and accomplishments of our heroes on the battlefield is what keeps us going here at RevifierSoft!

Dead Trigger 2’s story mode is non-stop fun, so players always have more opportunities to earn money or upgrades their arsenal after saving the world from a zombie apocalypse. Despite this, killing zombies with a variety of weapons remains exciting, and changing the game’s mission style regularly just keeps the feeling of excitement about this career as a zombie slayer going for as long as one chooses to play.


The gameplay of game is a combination of first-person shooting and adventuring, in which you have to kill zombies. This game is highly action packed but it still has the survival skills element in place. You complete missions and upgrade your character through firing at zombies using guns or side arms with an arsenal of other objects such as swords, hammers and many more. It’s surprising that this game gives you the option to kills some enemy bosses when you go ahead with your mission from one level to another. The most interesting part about this game is that it offers paid items so that you can get rid of difficult levels after trying hard for a long time; with the help of these items, completing difficult tasks become easy.

If the wave is completed, you can move to another place. But this game allows the player to freely move to another place, with no restriction while shooting. Start rushing the zombies with high-powered weapons. Zombies never stop attacking you; they will follow you at any place and everywhere. Those zombies can get easier to smell the human body. In our game your health point gets reduced every time if zombie’s attack on your character or if you touch them accidentally. Collecting 100 bottles of blue energy sauce makes your health point come back where it was in the very beginning of each level (100).

In cinemas, you can see monsters like normal humans but game makes them look adorable and funny with maybe some superpowers! Multiple monsters’ faces and body structure have been added. These monsters hunt you down in all sorts of exotic locations throughout the world whether it is a forest or desert. You need to train hard if you want to defeat these bosses because they are a lot tougher than the others. After continuously completing the mission, you will face boss level zombie leaders!


Playing as a sniper character in a zombie shooter game can be very relaxing within this virtual experience because of how powerful weapons are when it comes down to fighting off hordes of zombies. There is nothing more gratifying than killing all of the zombies with just one shot, and that’s exactly what you get to do when playing game. So if you love crushing zombies before they even have time to come near your area, then I suggest downloading game!

Participate in the Sniper Mode to earn more rewards and use the Rewards to buy Weapons! This game mode requires you to attack zombies using a sniper rifle as protect citizens. Also, one can travel by Helicopter, but watch out for zombie attacks! Your helicopter will be constantly flying, so shoot the zombies as they appear. This mode has you do an endless game play, until reaching your goal of killing all Zombies with your sniping rifle. Download Beach Buggy Racing 2 Mod Apk latest and unlimited features including unlimited Money and Unlock all tracks etc.

Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk


While the graphics in Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK have been given a face lift, you’ll experience more of your favorite gameplay elements and environments from the first version. With new power up items to acquire and new levels to battle through, prepare yourself for an abundance of zombie-smashing fun!

While graphics from game have seen an improvement in quality, the developer’s core focus is on making sure you get to experience your favorite features and gameplay elements present throughout its successor. Expect to find that the new version has added power-ups for you to collect and levels to conquer as well!

Multiple controls options

When you play a zombie shooter game on your mobile device, the controls can sometimes be too complicated to use. Thankfully, the creators of game realized this and gave the gamer multiple options for better control.

If you are trying to use a touch screen and are feeling like the controls may be difficult, feel free to turn on virtual joysticks! Some people find that they have trouble trying to accurately swipe or tap the screen in order to move or aim, so they end up moving or pointing their character somewhere else because of their own clumsiness with the touchscreen controls. Using buttons and joysticks is a lot more accurate than using your finger because it allows for pinpoint precision.


Dead Trigger 2 is a game that is known for providing the best experience to the user. They keep organizing tournaments every week and ultimately attract new users and keep them engaged longer than other similar games. Moreover, you can win awesome prizes by getting a high position in the tournament leaderboard and completing challenges within an allotted time.

This is the most addictive and entertaining action-packed first-person shooting game you’ll ever play. We’ve spared no expense in making it look great, so you’re definitely in for a treat when it comes to graphics and special effects.

Enjoy the uniqueness

This game is a unique blend of PvE (Player versus environment) and PvP (Player versus player). It has solid graphics that pull you in and make the experience incredibly thrilling. The action never stops. With great attention to detail, players like me and you can indulge in scenarios of a zombie apocalypse as if it were real life. I advise installing this game from the link provided above to enjoy the high-end gaming experience offered by this award-winning game by just clicking on its download link.

Fight your way

Game offers you more than 10 regions scattered throughout the world. More than 33 battlefields in those areas. You will come from an area that spans the area of ​​activity. Spillover to other areas where zombies are full on rage. The main objectives include destruction of zombies, receiving packages, an emergency escape, and a bunch of other crazy missions with tons of explosions!

However, not every task will make you defend a peaceful crowd of innocent people dressed in medieval costumes by using your sword or other melee weapons. Sometimes missions require elements of stealth and smart strategy. This is why we decided to include so many levels with hordes of zombies desperate for human flesh in them. They were too crowded for you to use the swords in such a way that would’ve made you feel heroic so we designed these special levels having them as a target audience.

Great missions and scenarios

The mission system in the game is shown very nicely with its own missions. Each quest will contribute to a part of the main storyline and lead to new quests. Unlock more chapters of the story! It will give you insight into what happened. If you do not want to experience the main story, you can choose scenario creation feature such as setting up solo missions or scenarios involving large-scale events . You are welcome to participate in thrilling and shocking adventures!

Tips for Playing Game:

Killing zombies has a lot of perks: it’s easy, it takes very little time, and gives you one more avenue in which to exercise playful banter with friends. However, new players of this popular game should be aware of what they’re getting themselves into before they jump headlong into the world of zombie killing. In the spirit of helping your fellow community mates eschew failure, we give you these helpful tips on how to best survive your first battle.

Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk

Aim for headshots

It’s not always easy to aim for head shots as a zombie, but if you happen to come across a zombie in the midst of running uncontrollably and you’re in need of an instant kill – it could be in your best interest to have a weapon that allows you to fire off shots by simply aiming at the zombies’ heads. Plus, zombies with headshots are always more rewarding as they provide gold coins once killed!

Bring painkillers

Harder levels in games tend to be riddled with challenges that are very hard for beginner players to bear. For this reason, it stands to reason that bringing along lots of painkillers would be a good idea seeing as they restore a portion of your health. This can also become essential when you need to fend off an attack as soon as possible and therefore need as much HP (Health Points) as you can get.

The Glowing Red Skull

Sometimes a blue skull symbol will appear on the map. This shows that you are going in the right direction towards your destination. However, occasionally a red color will dawn instead. That’s when you can rely on one of our mentors who has traveled extensively in the same area for invaluable advice – he/she’ll tell you not to stop but to keep heading towards your destination. That’s because as an adventurer it is imperative that you travel by foot and not be distracted by any loitering zombie or plant obstacles in your path when we know how likely it is that there may be some lurking about trying to take advantage of unsuspecting victims who have strayed from their intended path.

Gas barrels are your friends

Bosses aren’t your only concern as you traverse the dungeons; mini-bosses are just as bad and far more annoying to deal with, particularly if there’s too many at once! Fortunately, you can use red gas barrels (which will appear from time to time and randomly throughout your dungeon runs) to your advantage – because shooting and exploding these barrels near a boss that is attacking will effectively stun them for a few moments, thus giving you some much needed time to dish out additional damage.

Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk

Download/Install of Game:

Since you decided to download the game, the following step by step guide will direct you how to install it on your device.

  • First, make sure that you have uninstalled any older version of this game.
  • Download the Apk file from the download button given below.
  • Open the file, start the installation.
  • Select installation to start and wait until processing.
  • After finishing, press Done
  • You have successfully installed the game
  • Open the game and enjoy it.


Q: Is this available on google play store?

Although the Android version is indeed not available on Google Play Store, it can still be downloaded from third-party sources, or it can be acquired via APK`s available across a variety of sites.

Q: Is game free of cost?

This game is completely free of cost.

Q: Is this game heavy on the mobile phone?

The size of the game is nearly 500 megabytes, which makes it a little bit hard to play on your mobile phone.

Q: Is game hack version safe to use?

Truly, game hack is safe. You can download and use hacks without establishing your device, jailbreaking it or even encountering any bug issues. This makes this app the best hack to depend on.

Q: What devices are compatible to work with game hack version?

A Google search for game hack will bring over a million results made up of pages of advertisements, links to sites that may be dubious and promises of hacks that could be fake. At the same time, if you want to download a hack or tool, some sites want you to pay before you can access their products. This is where we come in! We’ve made it easier for you by searching for the best cheats and hacks out there so that all you need to do is find which one suits your preferences the most and download it – without worrying about being caught up in anything that might install malicious software on your phone or tablet.

Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk

Final Words:

We really hope that one day, developers like Madfinger Games will take Dead Trigger or Shadowgun to other platforms like console or computer. With a few added features based on comments from the community, Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK could become as popular as Unreal Tournament or Quake. According to the latest news in April 2019, Madfinger Games has just released an update for Dead Trigger 2 which includes a new game mode called Arena of Death.

Arena of Death is an arena that allows players to earn money and rewards by participating in a zombie-killing game show on television. Play with other contestants, such as Jane Rose or Rick Spencer, who will help create this TV show with you. Several new zombies will be added including a special Halloween-themed one. The game mode was released on Wednesday and should be available for download through the or Google Play now!

The game will fulfill your dreams of becoming the ultimate zombie slayer. Put your survival skills to the test and you might receive exciting gifts for achievements in your game play such as: ‘Killer’ for taking out 25 zombies, ‘Mechanic’ for building various objects, or ‘Superhero’ if you free ten humans. Download yourself into one of the most epic games on the market right now!

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