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If you’re imagining yourself saving the day and saving the world for your army, we have just the right game for you to enjoy throughout 2017 with our upcoming mobile release, Cover Fire Mod Apk: Shooting Game! This thrilling release is sure to provide you with epic shooter experiences while immersing you in a profound storyline that will have you waging war against others in intense shootouts with impressive mechanics. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to dive into this awesome title without delay and become one of the best marksmen around today!

Pick up your guns and drop your first methodical shots as you step through the alien-infested planet that’s been abandoned by humans in a futuristic mobile first-person shooter experience. Fight the corporate overlords with an army of AI controlled soldiers as you take on an epic mission to free the imprisoned citizens under tyrannical rule. Enjoy exciting single player experiences, or invite friends to play multiplayer matches with you! Download Bubble Witch 3 Saga MOD Apk and get infinite boosters and lives. If you like puppy saving games, try Pet Rescue Saga MOD Apk with unlimited booster and lives. For Rovio Entertainment Corporation Lovers, we’ve shared Angry Birds Journey MOD Apk with unlimited lives and coins for free. For sim game lovers, BitLife Mod Apk game is the best choice for you. Everyone like the mighty Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk game which gives you unlimited lives for free. There’s another updated version of Sonic dash which is Sonic Dash 2 Mod Apk with unlimited money and rings for free.

Cover Fire Mod Apk

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Cover Fire Mod Apk:

In the game, Android gamers will find themselves exploring a world of the future, in which the Terracorp has enslaved all humanity and put us all under their supervision. Throughout the world, famines, diseases, and wars are on their constant outbreaks as human can never know peace. While there are those who resisted, but with their strong grip on the armies and merciless mercenaries, not one attempt had been up to par until now – when now making an appearance is a deadly assassin known only by his code name ‘Killer’.

Android gamers are going to join the Resistance in Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Game, which is a war simulation game where you will find yourself and your crew of soldiers blowing up everything in sight. Not only that but the title offers many different types of cover systems and it’s really easy to get used to playing because of its intuitive combat system. You can pick up the game from here. If you want to play multiplayer game by Warner Bros, you can try Mortal Kombat X Mod Apk game for free. Mario Games has been the most favorite games among new generation, so here you’ve got Mario Kart Tour MOD Apk for you with free money and rubies. Nutaku Games and so famous as they developed for 18+ users and one of the top game Project QT Hack is available for free now. For martial arts lovers, we’ve got MMA Manager MOD APK with unlimited money.

In the past, humanity has been oppressed by authoritarian regimes. If we speak up now, this injustice will continue and what could be worse than that? Reach out to those brave enough to break free from their shackles of oppression and show them where they can unleash their rage safely while helping them collect weapons needed to fight against the oppressive government. You need to ensure your cause is clear so follow this link for more information on starting a rebellion against oppressive regimes.

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We have made a list of the amazing features that our game has to offer:

Cover Fire Mod Apk

Touch control options

Android gamers will find themselves having access to said shooter gameplay through the simple controls, intuitive instructions and tutorials that will help them jump right into the game and start playing with ease.

Gamers who like to take things easier when it comes to playing on their mobile devices can have a lot of fun with addictive games. Some people are taking this route right now by simply using their mobile devices to play something simple and straightforward. Players really enjoy the idea of having simple yet enjoyable gameplay and what could be simpler than taking down your opponents with accurate shots? This is precisely what you can do in one of the latest and most popular mobile shooter games available.

Use the touch screen controls on your smart phone to have a character move in the direction you want them to go. Aim and shoot your enemies with well-aimed shots by holding down the fire button as you move around them quickly.

Captivating storyline

The game has a thrilling story arc that you’ll want to immerse yourself in as we reveal more about the Tetracorp company and how they became so powerful! You will be able to choose from multiple characters, each with their own distinct skillsets and ability to affect the battles in different ways. Fight for your place against other opponents in classic deathmatches or strategy-focused missions with less fighting and more brain-work. The wide variety of gameplay types means that you are guaranteed an awesome gaming experience every time you play!

Exciting online tournaments

In addition, for those of you who are interested, it is also possible for you to become a veteran soldier and serve in your own online tournaments. Feel free to compete with friends and online gamers as you progress. As you embark on daring missions, learn about the adventure awaiting you at every corner ― find yourself completing quests and battling enemies like never before. The game won‘t stop even when you have finished the offline adventure! Instead, having overcome the dangers of offline experiences, now the world stretches out before you in all its glory as an endless series of thrilling online challenges!!

Without the Internet

On the contrary, to make this game more appealing to Android audiences you will also be able to play Cover Fire mod without an Internet connection. To clarify, you can play this game on your device without having access to the web. This is particularly useful for those who are into gaming but don’t want to spend their mobile data on playing games anymore!

Free to play

Cover Fire Apk: Shooting Games brings you the best of both worlds – amazing and engaging gameplay features, alongside all of your favorite mobile games but with better graphics and a lot more interactive features. And despite all these awesome perks, game can still be played absolutely free on Android devices.

Unlocked gameplay with our mod

These are great games and we don’t want to be unnecessarily rude. However, the truth is that like most free-to-play mobile games, Android gamers will find themselves bothered by ads and in-game purchases which aren’t really helping because they just want to play the game they love. This can get in the way of having fun. In our opinion, it’s not worth getting upset over like paying for a cup of coffee every now and then! That said, you might want to go for our modified version of the game which offers unlocked content and ad-free experiences. And best yet… It takes all just a single click on our website to download and install our mod APK then follow the provided instructions.

Not easy to win

Cover Fire mod is a wildly entertaining game for anyone who happens to fancy quick, action-packed arcade style games. One would assume it’s as easy as aiming and shooting – but in reality there’s so much more that goes into it! For example, players are required to have a sharp focus and mindset if they wish to successfully tackle all of the enemies that come their way, not to mention by performing critical rescue missions by ensuring hostages are saved! Besides, this game allows players the opportunity of upgrading different weapons and character skills, such as increasing the speed of reloading or reducing recoil when firing guns.

Game has been carefully crafted to build upon itself gradually. As you continue playing, each mission is more challenging than the last. When you complete missions and progress through the game, you can expect new mechanics and surprises to come your way. If shooting games are your forte, we promise that game won’t disappoint. But good doesn’t mean perfect: you’ll also encounter seemingly impossible tasks as you continue making your way through a level.

Shoot to Kill

There are different types of games that can be played by anyone. Shooters can be very exciting and in many cases challenging. You’ll feel like you’re actually in the middle of battle but don’t worry, it’s all just a game. If zombies were to ever take over the planet (and who knows, they just might) you would be an expert at survival tactics and have great reflexes because of your time spent aiming on those virtual killing fields pre-outbreak.

Your eyes might be used to the same old dynamic action games that only feature simple mechanics, but why not give Cover Fire apk: Offline Shooting a shot? It offers an interesting spin on the genre’s standards.

If you’re like me, and have trouble staying engaged in one long battle with many different players before getting bored… then this is the tanking game for you! In War Thunder you will get to engage with a wide variety of vehicles and other players in many modes like Team Deathmatch or Air Domination. You can even fight it out against AI if you want to practice your strategy!

You have the freedom to personalize and modify the weapon you will use in the battleground. You’ll find a variety of tasks, weapons, and other goods here. Each character has its own unique skillset to match different playstyles. There are various objectives to perform in this game, but the primary intention is for players to have fun!

Cover Fire Mod Apk

Beat the beasts

If you are a veteran player in shooting games, you’re probably well aware of the tactics and strategies that work best to beat your enemies – but sometimes, even for seasoned players finding the enemies is maybe difficult. But if you are a beginner, don’t worry – there are ways to improve your skills quickly so you will become an expert player. See original comments on this post from product manager

Variety of Armory and Maps

Our game is more than just an entertainment platform. It is essentially a collection of armory which you can freely access in your browser! This is one feature that makes our game unique as compared to others. In it, you will be able to collect all types of guns including Assault Rifles, Sniper Range Weapons, Marksman Rifles, Shotguns and Submachine guns among many others! It’s a full action-packed online game embedded with advanced 3D graphics and emerging sound effects.

Making a shooter game today is extremely easy when one has the right tools and technology. The Catcher in the Rye , while capturing everything that’s great about shooting games and filling it with fun extras, is different because it’s a throwback to classic shooters. It sits somewhere in between Contra or Metal Slug and Call of Duty , making for an enjoyable experience without being overly complicated or frustrating. As you play through the game, you unlock weapons and new maps as well as challenges which will help keep you coming back for more if nothing else! Designed from the ground up to impress Android users, this game promises hours (and hours) of entertainment unlike other games on your phone that just want to drain your battery life! Download The Catcher in the Rye now!

Cover Fire Mod Apk

Enjoy unlimited money and gold here

The most attractive feature of Cover Fire is its unlimited virtual gaming money. With this amazing application, users are able to enjoy limitless shopping with the help of unlimited funds and gems. It paves way for users to purchase costly assets including wearables, armors, helicopters, and so on free of cost.

As an online shopper, it’s incredible to be given the chance to buy whatever I want without having to spend a fortune. It’s as simple as just a couple of clicks. Even though buying and shopping through websites isn’t a new phenomenon, you may still find yourself in situations where all your money goes out the door very fast. For example, when you run out of game currency to keep going with your daily runs for resources or you’ve sold plenty of items on auction but there isn’t enough cash coming back in!

Experience unlocked VIP mode

If you already have played Cover Fire before, then you must know about our VIP Mode. If not, let me describe it for you. Basically, VIP Mode is the paid subscription of Cover Fire where players can progress through Season Passes and acquire new rewards to expand their arsenal. After downloading the Cover Fire mod apk, you too will be able to experience this intriguing game mode at no cost!

Visual and Sound Quality:


If you’re a fan of shooting games then Cover Fire apk: Offline Shooting might be the perfect game for you to try out. It comes with stunning 3D graphics that get rid of all the typical flatness associated with mobile gaming and there are a lot of immersive visuals and powerful effects here allowing you to experience impressive animations that make the game even more fun. Not only will you get to enjoy high-quality and realistic artwork but also realistic physics that make every action extra entertaining. Plus, this game also makes playing on different devices possible so you can always have an enjoyable experience with cool features like adjustable graphic settings.


Devastating virtual reality graphics are accompanied by graphically stellar audio that will immerse you in a thrilling, action-filled shooter experience. You can enjoy epic PvP and PvE combat as you take on realistic gunslingers.

Download/Install of game:

Here’s the way how to download and install this game for free.


Overall, game is a game that features beautiful visuals and smooth gameplay. If you’re looking to pass the time with a mobile title and are looking for something visually appealing with an added benefit of challenge and strategy then download Cover Fire mod. You won’t be disappointed!

  • To begin downloading Cover Fire Mod Apk, click the download button below.
  • The download process for the mod apk will begin once you click OK.
  • The downloading process has begun.


  • The user will be directed to the installation page of the mod apk once the full download procedure is completed.
  • When you click Install, the Android smartphone will complete the installation process.
  • Extract the OBB file to the sdcard/Android/obb directory.
  • Installations complete and Enjoy this game.

Cover Fire Mod Apk


Q: Can we select our own weapons in cover fire?

Yes, like every other shooting game, you get to select your weapons based on their strengths, durability, and efficiency in combat.

Q: Can we select our own characters in cover fire?

You can select your own characters when actively playing this game.

Q: Can we find cover fire mod apk on Google Play store?

Yes, you can download this game from google play store.

Q: Is game available in an offline version?

There are many great features that arguably define the Ceasefire game, but the thing I love most about it is that the team at DreamWar Games decided to allow offline play! You see this feature is particularly important since some users want to take their gaming experience with them on long road trips. Maybe you’re heading off to a remote beach vacation and want to bring something fun with you. Maybe you will be in a location where Wi-Fi and/or cellular service is either nonexistent or too slow, making access to your favorite games impossible. Regardless of your reason for wanting an offline version, we’d imagine there are times when having both versions of the game would’ve been incredibly helpful (especially when you don’t have to go through all that trouble of converting from Android’s .apk format into .exe).

Final Thoughts:

In the popular multiplayer first-person shooter Cover Fire Mod Apk: Offline Shooting game, Overwatch , players play as either a hero or terrorist who shoot each other in colorful and bright maps. Drifters from the organization called Blackwatch wakes up from a cryogenic sleep into an incomplete world being dominated by the Tetra Corporation because of an event that can only be described as tragic. You are one of many awakened soldiers who leads a small squad of trained shooters against the manipulative Tetra corp. using strategies and precise aim to eliminate every enemy and restore peace to the world around you.

Cover Fire Mod Apk

With the best of high quality graphics supported by latest technology, this game is available absolutely free. With the infinite money available to users, they can purchase multiple weapons and items from the carefree store. Players get to kill all the enemies and get rewarded for their best performance with points that help them move up in levels faster and enjoy a more exciting gameplay experience. This is one of the reasons why going for the mod version of the game makes sense instead of settling for a basic version only.

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