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Nowadays, digital documents have overtaken more traditional forms of work communication. This shift has been a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of business practices. Hence, it’s no surprise that more and more people are looking to improve their work efficiency by turning all forms of normal document files into digitized versions that you can access from anywhere on the internet and any supported device!

In some cases, the most crucial documents required for a given business task or project need to be turned from physical form into their digitized counterparts. For example, if you’re going to be presenting your ideas to a large team or clients and expect people from different departments or offices etc., to weigh in on different aspects of your product’s blueprint/status report then you need to ensure that all copies are easily accessible by each party involved–and here we’re talking about files that can be stored digitally. This is the kind of thing you will have the greatest potential success with if you find yourself working with an app like INTSIG’s solutions. INTSIG’s is designed so as to reduce its users’ efforts down to as little as possible while allowing them complete control over how they share their documents and files while also ensuring the highest level of security.

We understand the importance of having a smartphone with the latest operating system on it. That’s why we test all the new phones released in our laboratory. We check them for functionality and features, simulating different usage scenarios. Then we tell you about it, providing in-depth reviews for your information.

CamScanner Mod Apk

CamScanner Mod Apk:

App allows Android users to utilize the camera on their devices as a scanner by enhancing it with our app. This device serves as a portable substitute to printers. These are convenient and can be used on laptops, PCs, and mobile devices rather than having to use stationary hardware like desktop computers or printers. PDF Scanner also provides additional functionality in the form of editing apps. Additionally, these features can be enabled through cloud filtering and sharing features that make all of your work accessible between multiple platforms (laptops, PC’s, smartphones). Join groups to edit your digital works via online drives – globally accessible regardless of location or platform type – and easily share files between communication platforms for quick access!

This application can quickly turn your documents into digital files with the touch of a button. No matter what type of document or photo you take, it’s made to digitize it all! Smart scans will quickly detect the document and automatically crop out just the area you would like to scan. And in case an image’s text isn’t legible, this app also has smart OCR (Optical Character Recognition) so that you may easily have an accessible copy of whatever texts were written on the digital copy.

Camscanner is making printing an easier process through the options available. This offers you the ability to print your pages and documents with ease. Also, by protecting your documents on all devices, with a password is important in case you would like to share them with third parties.


App is now available in beta for free on the Google Play Store! Now you can enjoy PDF Scanner for everything from scanning documents and receipts to your mobile phone or tablet. And as a free app, there are no monthly or annual fees involved. PDF Scanner will import various types of media in addition to producing PDFs or JPEGs to be used in any application. However, if you need access to all of the features available in this app, we invite you to check out our pro version with additional features and extra editing options!

Many Android applications take advantage of many of a user’s permissions when they first install it. But if you’re worried that giving PDF Scanner access to your gallery or music player could be risky, you can trust us when we say that we would never do anything to jeopardize your device! We believe in the power of updates and in fact, we constantly release updates so that our app is always improving. Not only will these update improve CamScanner’s features but they will also help improve performance and fix bugs too!

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Awesome Features:

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

CamScanner Mod Apk

A smart scanner

The best AI-Based applications for scanning and converting text also have some of the most advanced OCR technology on board as well as state of the art accuracy so that they are capable of understanding even handwriting that is printed rather than handwritten – and this can help them to detect errors which otherwise may have been missed if they were looking beyond just words alone.

This app is not always like this. It’s a nifty app that allows you to scan paper documents or pictures flawlessly with the tap of a button. In fact, it has the ability to automatically detect text within images and extract the words effortlessly, so you can share them easily on other platforms. You can even edit images in seconds with its simple yet powerful suite of tools, enabling you to make basic tweaks and adjustments as required. Making things even easier for you, CamScanner Apk can also convert images into PDF files in no time at all!

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Document quality after scanning

The second thing is about quality. This app stands out from other applications of this type and has both an impressive image resolution and clear text capture – so it’s hard to find errors or blurry sections in your image. You can download it for free from Google Play and read reviews from other users that are extremely helpful when deciding if the application is right for you!

Ability to share

Sorting: Once you’re done scanning and converting, you are able to share your content by several means, including Facebook Messenger, Twitter or WhatsApp which all make it easy to get the word out to your audience. However if they have no access to internet or if no one in your family do, then you may also transmit your content through Bluetooth connection! This way of sharing is especially convenient for classroom presentations where the ability of your classmates downloading the file is limited.

Ability to store and sync

Storage space is an important feature to consider when choosing just the right app. Although it’s free with most apps, you often only have a small amount of storage space available. This can be inconvenient since many important files such as word documents, spreadsheets and images require additional memory. If you find yourself in this situation, upgrading to the premium version may be worth your while for greater capacity that could go up to 10 gigabytes (GB). Note though that typically this will cost money but less than other cloud-based services like Google Drive and Dropbox! Next, we should mention the ability to synchronize folders through the application which ensures you can always access your content from any location where you have internet access and data storage.

If you’re interested in advertising your book, take a look at this premium version as it provides more powerful tools and even includes 10GB of storage space instead of the default 200MB that’s provided in the standard version. One feature I should mention is the advanced book-scanning mode that makes creating a PDF of your book with text recognition incredibly easy.

Premium version

If you use the basic version of the application then please do not expect to get too many features. For example, the storage space is quite small at the default 200MB. These ads will still be here though, and there is no way that you can get rid of them. The premium version gives you access to more powerful tools. We have expanded the storage space to 10GB in this value package. Furthermore, we did away with some ads as well as added support for book scanning capability so you can quickly add new books to your collection!

Convert your documents into PDF or Docx formats easily. As a business owner, creating and sending documents on a daily basis is sometimes required. This makes this app very useful tool for me as it allows me to create unlimited folders which can be helpful in creating different types of reports and providing information about activity to my staff as well as my investors. It also has the feature that allows you to add an image to an excel format without losing any quality, unlike other application that is available on the market today. Not only can I perform these actions, but the creation of digital signature and ID scan mode have made things easier when I need people to send me signed documents electronically instead of snail mail print-outs to address these issues. Therefore, no matter your specialty or needs, this app provides multiple solutions at all levels that will surely aid in making your daily process much easier!

CamScanner Mod Apk

Simple document scanning

Users come to CamScanner because of a unique feature: they can send documents from mobile phones to PC or Macs so that they don’t have to worry about hand writing information again. From there, they will not need to retype the content contained in the document and can easily use the scanning features without spending a lot of money buying expensive collaborative software tools. Even if users are new to technology, they will find it easy using the scanning feature of our app.

When you open up the application, you will see a button to take a photo with a camera icon that users can easily see. As the user, you can choose to take your photo by swiping in various directions as if you are playing with a rainbow displayed on your screen. The feature similar to taking pictures appears, as then do shooting modes. For example, if you want to document a page from an important book on history or ancient scripts, then you would want to choose the mode that makes sure your picture is clear and doesn’t contain any blurring from either shaking during the shot or from accidental hand movement during videoing the subject without a tripod in place. When you capture your image, the application will immediately identify the border of the page quickly. If you agree with how many pages have been scanned into it so far and whether they have been identified correctly or not, then continue scanning with your scanner!

Easy to store and share

Once you have completed the scanning process with CamScanner, there are several steps involved in sharing your file. On one hand, it is always a good idea to store files in the cloud as a backup measure and as an additional resource for when users might find themselves needing that particular file at a later date. You should always try to separate any particularly essential files and not make them too long or difficult to name quickly because the first few words of a file name usually act as the main storage tool used by most other file sharing applications.

With cloud service, you can access and share files on multiple platforms with ease. Some people like to use Google Drive as their cloud setup. That’s an excellent choice because if you upgrade your plan, you’ll get an additional 10GB of storage for no extra charge! This way, you don’t have to worry about any potential problems in accessing this platform without issue – the apps are all synchronized, which is especially impressive.

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Documents with passwords

As a further precaution, you can also protect your shared documents with a password – especially useful if all of your recipient’s accounts don’t open the document correctly. Set and save as many passwords as necessary, and only share them with the intended people.

Enjoy the free

Last but not least, App is a perfect tool if you have something that requires your attention. Our newest update allows Android users to download PDF Scanner without anything having to be paid for; including the in-app purchases/ ads! All you’ll need to do is visit our website and locate the latest version of CamScanner mod then follow our given instructions on how to get started using it. PDF Scanner has built-in sensors and tones which make them easy to use. No matter what the time or day, the app comes with us wherever we go.

Free cloud uploads

It is always necessary to make sure that you are backing up any and all important documents, especially if you have multiple people helping out with the management of a company’s data. The problem, however, is that scanning physical documents into electronic form can take a lot of time and effort – so much so in fact that some don’t even bother doing it! However, we think those people are making a big mistake because unless you have hard copies on hand then you run the risk of them getting lost or damaged.

PDF Scanner is a valuable tool for scanning handwritten notes and contracts as well as photos and other subjects. First you need to download CamScanner apk file so that you can set up your account later. Then in order to upload the files you scanned, you just need to press the necessary button after which you get an opportunity to send a particular file to any of your accounts on different cloud storage or even direct it to your computer by means of USB cable connection!

No ads

One of the biggest problems with free applications is that consumers are often bombarded with advertisements. This, in turn, can lead to delays and interruptions in the user experience. But not only that, ads can sometimes carry viruses and malware that can potentially harm your device or steal sensitive information from you such as your credit card details.

As we know, when we open CamScanner one ad pops up on the screen and stays there for 5 seconds before disappearing.

This is annoying when we urgently need to scan any document. So, unlike many apps -all of our advertisements are silent and non-intrusive. This way you can stay focused on the task at hand without being bombarded by ads that make it hard to get anything done in the first place!

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CamScanner Mod Apk


CamScanner is considered one of the highest rated apps on our website, with a rating of 4.8/5 stars and more than 2,000,000 votes. As many cam scanner users have pointed out in their reviews, the app includes occasional advertisements that may sometimes make the user experience less pleasurable. However, if you choose to purchase the premium version, ads will not be a problem because this version does not include them.


Step 1- Go to Security & Enable Unknown Sources.

Step 2- Install the App Unlocked Apk.

Step 3- Open CamScanner

Step 4– Login or Register or Skip It

Step 5- Allow Permissions & Click on Start to Use

Done! Enjoy Premium Features of this app.


We know, there are many things you may want to know about us. Below we’ve added some of the most common questions our users often ask us. If you have more questions or need help, just let us know in the comments and we will do everything we can to answer them!

Q: Is this CamScanner mod Apk safe to use?

I had a look through the installation process of this magazine app and it’s easy to set up. The way they’ve split their content into two separate apps makes sense. It must be easier on their servers because if they kept everything in one place like the other major news apps then there would be too much strain on them from all over the world trying to access the system at once!

Q: Can I scan text from the old photocopy?

Yes, you can definitely send invoices directly to your customers when using this premium application. Despite the fact that it’s an indispensable app to have, due to its wide range of features, like scanning documents or tracking time spent on individual tasks, I must say there are some situations when an invoice might not be able to provide you with all the information you need. For example, if you’re trying to analyze where exactly your business is losing money and what steps should be taken concerning certain expenses.

Q: Can I scan my PAN card using this CamScanner Apk?

CamScanner is considered as a scanning app for iOS and Android systems. This fantastic app enables the users to scan their documents with the help of their ID cards, credit cards, and QR codes. CamScanner is capable of converting an SXDC or JPG file into a PDF easily.

Q: Which version is it?

I had shared the latest version of CamScanner  v6.8.0.61552 which is the same as what’s on the Google Play store. If you want to get the latest version each time, be sure to bookmark this site so that you get notified when we update it!

Q: How do I transfer files using CamScanner?

With CamScanner, sharing or transferring your file to another device is extremely easy. First, you will need to open the application and log in with your account details. Once done, you can simply choose which file to share along with additional information about the receiver. You are able to choose whether the file should be transferred via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. For those that use Android 4.2 and higher (or iOS 5+), NFC technology is also supported!

CamScanner Mod Apk


In this post we made it easy for you to download CamScanner mod apk on your mobile phone. Now it is very easy for you to take pictures of any documents and convert them into PDFs. If you need any help or need to access advanced features, our customer service can offer better solutions quickly!

Therefore, in a nutshell, Camscanner Mod is the best version for saving your essential paperwork. Important information people turn to this app to turn their phones into Evernote scanners with daily downloads. If you have questions such as how to cancel Camscanner apk, please do not hesitate to leave a reply below so that we can respond back to you as soon as possible. Our advice is to download Scanner modifiedapks with the modded free version and share this app with your friends.

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