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With BitLife mod apk: Life Simulator, your dreams can finally become reality! There are plenty of styles of living that you’ve probably always wanted to experience. Don’t worry: with BitLife, you can get it all under control! Learn what it feels like to be in the shoes of a pilot, a rock star or the president – wherever your crazy dreams take you, this game will have something new for you. BitLife is a unique sim game that lets you try out all sorts of life experiences you never had the chance to live before and learn what it’s truly like to be an astronaut or even a zookeeper. Who knows? Maybe living life differently will finally help put your wildest fantasies within reach. Download The Catapult 2 MOD APK with unlimited gems and weapons.


Life is a journey that must be experienced, remembered and then maybe retold as a story. You will never know what happens next, the same way that BitLife Mod Apk: Life Simulator carries on the tradition of visual novel games. Only difference is that instead of choosing the lines that make up your character’s dialogues, you will decide on each action to be carried out in your character’s timeline. The list of game events for each year keeps getting longer and it will continue to do so until you achieve complete digital enlightenment. Download Bubble Witch 3 Saga MOD Apk and get infinite boosters and lives. If you like puppy saving games, try Pet Rescue Saga MOD Apk with unlimited booster and lives. For Rovio Entertainment Corporation Lovers, we’ve shared Angry Birds Journey MOD Apk with unlimited lives and coins for free. For sim game lovers, BitLife Mod Apk game is the best choice for you. Everyone like the mighty Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk game which gives you unlimited lives for free. There’s another updated version of Sonic dash which is Sonic Dash 2 Mod Apk with unlimited money and rings for free.

Even when you’re just a toddler, the majority of your time is spent following various routines and schedules; from your morning wake-up call over breakfast to attending classes as a schoolchild. Yet despite this sense of structure that comes with being under so many different kinds of care, it’s not unheard of for children to rebel once in awhile! Try clicking the Age button to change what your character looks like, then click on the picture to interact with them again. See what happens when you choose to say no; maybe decide to give in and take their medicine instead. Or, if you want this little character of yours to be healthy, why not explore some other options for getting through this particular moment? How about seeing exactly what transpired between characters A and B that have been separated by glass?

Every game character has four basic needs that affect how your life unfolds like happiness, health, smarts and appearance. Now with appearance for example, it’s important not to overlook as we’re all aware that many opportunities are often presented to the more attractive of people which is why if you’re in a situation where you don’t feel you’re getting the opportunities you want then perhaps consider investing in plastic surgery which can do wonders helping you achieve better results! And on the other hand if it’s appearance that really holds you back from certain things such as when it’s time to get a job or even eventually sign onto a dating site then don’t worry because looks aren’t everything after all and though they may seem as though they might be one day youth will fade so instead focus on what feels good within and make sure you attach no importance whatsoever on whether or not others think what can easily be mistaken for perfection is unattainable by them.

Don’t forget , there’s not just one right choice at times. For example, after joining the army, I was given a route-clearing mission that was similar to Minesweeper (a classic Windows game where you have to locate mines without detonating them with your mouse clicks). Getting assigned to this type of mission is risky business and my character didn’t make it out alive.

Start a Life!

Every day is an opportunity to begin again anew, but don’t let this intimidate you. Building a healthy routine into your life that promotes self-improvement through the day – like eating well and exercising regularly will give you the kickstart you’ve been looking for! The next step you want to take is deciding what must be changed when adhering to a new routine: are they looking to improve their appearance in some way, or perhaps they’re wanting to boost their mental capacity and well-being? Perhaps it’s even as simple as seeking out more friendships at work with colleagues from other departments who can help them leave work at work and make time for themselves socially too.

BitLife Mod Apk: Life Simulator

Features of BitLife Mod Apk: Life Simulator:

When you pick up BitLife mod – Life Simulator and look at the elevator pitch, you’re going to notice that they are a number of features you’re sure to love. First and foremost is their virtual currency system, which allows players to buy in-game currencies using fiat money through the app’s official website.

Build your life

Game is a miniature version of everyone’s lives. Recreating a life, you will have 4 metrics to track: health, intelligence, appearance, and happiness. What is most important to you? Life is difficult to be perfect if you only care about one factor and it requires always keeping your eyes on the prize. If you want a perfect life without making any mistakes or falling ill along the way then that isn’t easy! We can’t all be the picture of health at all times but when it comes down to your general wellbeing as well as financial stability then that’s something worth being aware of in this situation – only when you do nothing will nothing get done. It always helps to know exactly what type of mistakes might lead to hiccups in your journey into success here though so make sure you’re able to learn from example!

Financial management

If you think you’re an adult and ready to live on your own, you’ll need to learn how to manage your finances. If you have money saved up, that could be anything from a house or car, to starting a business of your own! As an entrepreneur with cash flow like this, think about the many things you could purchase with it! To begin optimizing your financial situation as an adult, tap anywhere on the screen under Current Assets (money) and then tap “Assets”. You’ll notice that there are four tabs in the upper right corner: Income (earnings), Expenses (spending), Budget (what remains after spending), and Property (what has been realistically acquired). These brackets show what percent is left for each tab. But remember as well that if you want to turn these dollars into real estate of any kind, outside of the Casino Arena, you’ll need to meet certain age requirements first before purchasing new property.

Back to the past

Everyone remembers having their first moment in history class when they learned what the saying “There’s no going back in time” meant. Immediately afterwards, most of us thought to ourselves “What if I could?” Reality has proved though not to allow you to affect your past decision-making, but game provides an interesting interpretation of this concept by allowing users to return back to a previous point in life using their Time Machine tool. This isn’t a real situation, but more than anything else it gives you the opportunity to play around with what your past may have been like had you made different decisions during key moments along your timeline!

Looking for your love

This is one of the most unique features of BitLife. It allows you to fall in love and marry various girls that will appear in your life. Some girls may flirt with you even if you are married, so make sure you try to create a positive relationship with anyone from this point on. No matter how reliable somebody appears, there’s always a chance that things could change when it comes down to romance, as sometimes people suddenly stop feeling the same way about their significant other due to circumstances out of their control!

BitLife Mod Apk: Life Simulator

When you are 18 years old…

No one wants to imagine their 18 year old child leaving for a war zone. When you’re 18, you will be faced with many crucial life decisions. You may choose to go to college or even join the military in an effort to become independent of your family, for a period of time at least. These are both mutually beneficial options because you will probably want some time alone from your classmates and family too!

Everything that will happen to you in the future depends on your choices. Although you benefited from a great education when growing up, your family home was humble, and we understand how difficult life can be as a young person. But you can use the lessons learned throughout life so far to help guide you with making well-informed decisions in the future when it comes down to taking important steps towards reaching your intermediate and long term goals.

Time machine

Have you ever had a moment where you wished there was something that could save you, a tool to go back and fix a mistake? Maybe you wanted to travel back in time in order to help a loved one who was sick or injured. Or maybe you wanted to change your past mistakes so that the future would be better for those around you, for people who were important to you. You might feel like such wishes are impossible or ridiculous because going back in time is not possible in real life but that’s where BitLife comes in handy – Our Time Machine feature allows players to manipulate the past and change their decisions whenever they want to!

Wonderful life

Game not only offers insight into the many facets of existence in this world, but also helps you experience a life full of joy and wonder! Play, enjoy everyday activities with your family and friends, and embark on new adventures. Discover the magic that surrounds you every day – no matter what time of year it may be. Game is like a diary where you record all of the events that shape who you are as an individual and even those who will come into your life after marriage. Reap the benefits of taking part in various scenarios to learn more about yourself as well as others! Have fun traveling back to your younger days or reliving memories from when you were first married. Enjoy all four seasons to their fullest – take a stroll through field and forest, plant trees with friends and family and so much more! Thanks to this game, we finally have the chance to live out our dreams without limits!

Free to Play

If you are willing to make huge assets and have your properties, you must have unlimited money or coins to purchase your desired things. Furthermore, it would help if you had a modded version of the game app, not a Bitlife Android Beta App, as it will not provide you with unlimited everything. But you can get everything for free without paying a single cent. That’s why we named it a Free To Play death game. Make sure to use an Android emulator like Bluestacks when downloading the application since we’re unsure whether they will approve the download from the App Store on iOS devices.

Visual and Sound Quality:


BitLife is a refreshingly different take on the concept of life simulation. Building your life as you go rather than having to have everything mapped out for you from the start, BitLife can be a more emotionally fulfilling experience rather than just seeing everything that your character does as parts of an unnecessarily complicated game. Instead of graphics, you’re able to interact with a completely new style of storytelling through text and it really has no equal. And because this game is meant to make interactions feel more real, events will be logged in chronological order just like they would in real life so that you won’t lose track of what’s going on within the story or how it’s all supposed to connect together!


The sound effects are somewhat exciting, as they match the music in certain situations in your daily life, such as during exercise or even heartbreak.

Download / Install BitLife MOD APK:


Now, if you came here to read my guide, then you must have made your mind up to play this game as a bit life gold digger with all features already unlocked and available to you both upon initial installation as well as in the many months that follow. Best of all, it won’t cost you a penny because in just a few short minutes I’ll show you how to download bitlife apk mod version absolutely free of charge thanks to the steps below.

  • First you must BitLife mod apk: Life Simulator original version if you have installed it.
  • Then, download game on our site.
  • Enjoy this game.
  • Share this game with your friends.


After completing the download,

  • Then you can open
  • Then, download BitLife Life Simulator Mod APK on our site.
  • Enjoy the BitLife Mod Apk: Life Simulator

Great news! You’ve successfully installed the free bitlife android update 2022. Once you’ve downloaded it to your device, you can also play on PC by creating an account with Bluestacks.

BitLife Mod Apk: Life Simulator


Q: Does this game have God Mode?

Not many people know that this game has actually added a feature which has been dubbed “mode.” However, if you have bought the original mod apk then you would have noticed that this feature is only available for download because you have to pay for it. But if you use our new version of the game then you don’t have to pay for this feature as we have already included it but not made public just yet – but once our rollout stage is complete I’m sure my marketing team will let the word out about its inclusion in the new version!

Q: This mod apk is working?

We checked the apk file and it runs perfectly. If you are still having problems running APKpure app, make sure that you have a stable Internet connection and try again in case of any issues. If the problem persists, uninstall or update your current version of android OS to the latest one because we cannot guarantee compatibility if you run this application on an EC old version of Android.

Q: What is the price of this app?

This app is fully free to download and install. To be able to get the mode and bitizenship features for free, you must download and install this app from this article . Some of the users who want to gain these benefits are paying some money in order to get them. But if you are downloading the bitlife mod apk then you can get these benefits without paying anything.

Q: How to get god mode in BitLife?

Download the BitLife Mod version from this page to get god mode, Unlimited money, free time machines, free shopping & more.

Final Verdict:

Let’s make it possible to live life with a little more flair by playing BitLife Mod Apk: Life Simulator, one of the most popular Android games out there. Playing it can indeed help bring out the creative, fun-loving side in each of us. It’s no different from other mobile games such as structure city My City : Sim City Android Game Download but with a few neat extras such as ad-free gaming experience and free Bitizen subscription for real time chat with other players too. So if you want to add some extra fun and make the best of your time spent during work breaks or trips to visit relatives, get game now!

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Happy holidays, Bitizens! This update includes a fix to the unresponsive main menu button reported by some of you!


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