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Download Angry Birds Journey Mod Apk latest and updated version for android, IOS and PC. Unlimited features including New levels and challenges in each level, Smooth game control system (touch & tilt) and etc.
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The maker of Angry Birds Journey Mod Apk, Rovio Entertainment Corporation, has just released a soft-launched game in select countries called Angry Birds Journey on January 14. The Finnish game-developing company is known around the world for creating the popular mobile and computer game called Angry Birds. Now, they will do all that they can to make this second release successful by associating it with the touchy-feely characteristics we already know and love. We can predict that there will be many variations of their favorite characters in new games since Beak Impact was released in 2011 and Bad Piggies was introduced in 2012!

Angry Birds is more than just a popular game; it’s an international phenomenon. The video games and television shows have added to the total of Angry Birds products and merchandise – toys, keychains, plush dolls, costumes, shirts, backpacks and more! Angry Birds has only further influenced pop culture with the release of the 2nd movie in 2016 and after which came the first journey – Angry Birds Journey.

Angry Birds Journey Mod Apk:

This game is a take on the original classic series, so it comes as no surprise that the gameplay is exactly the same. The pigs and birds will be back, each with their own special abilities and attributes just like before, though in this version things are more difficult to master. For example, the green bird has an incredible ability to curve into hoops, whereas blue bird`s super power is to break through glass windows without any problems. You can unlock new characters one at a time after beating each level in order to play with your friends and even get creative with their abilities. This time you`ll have to work hard if you want to beat the big bad wolf! Download Bubble Witch 3 Saga MOD Apk and get infinite boosters and lives. If you like puppy saving games, try Pet Rescue Saga MOD Apk with unlimited booster and lives. For Rovio Entertainment Corporation Lovers, we’ve shared Angry Birds Journey MOD Apk with unlimited lives and coins for free. For sim game lovers, BitLife Mod Apk game is the best choice for you. Everyone like the mighty Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk game which gives you unlimited lives for free. There’s another updated version of Sonic dash which is Sonic Dash 2 Mod Apk with unlimited money and rings for free.

Angry Birds Journey Mod Apk

In this game, you will be able to see new worlds that look very phenomenal. As a player, the gameplay is very much alike. You will get to see a slingshot which will help you in breaking the opponent’s tower. There are more complicated bases than before which demand precision and skills to break them into pieces. The number of attacks is limited; so make sure you give great importance about your aim before making a shot. Download Candy Crush Jelly Saga Mod Apk latest and updated version for android, IOS and PC. Unlimited features including unlimited lives, unlimited boosters, unlimited all level, unlock all episodes and unlock all etc.


Hundreds of levels to play

There are hundreds of different levels in Angry Birds Journey, but unlike the previous titles where you could play them all and get wildly different experiences, that isn’t how it’s going to work this time. In this version of the game, the level path will stay linear as soon as you pass a screen instead of progressing to a new one because the object is to beat each levels’ goal itself. No longer will star ratings be used to quantify your experience – they’ve been replaced with fun colorful feathers!

Besides, our newest game has been redesigned with a more modern look. The birds’ special abilities will be activated as soon as the bird is tapped on the enemy base, which is different from Angry Birds 2 . Our previous game required players to hold down for power and activate it once released. Don’t worry though because your phone’s recent push notifications will automatically remind you of upcoming events. If you want to play multiplayer game by Warner Bros, you can try Mortal Kombat X Mod Apk game for free. Mario Games has been the most favorite games among new generation, so here you’ve got Mario Kart Tour MOD Apk for you with free money and rubies. Nutaku Games and so famous as they developed for 18+ users and one of the top game Project QT Hack is available for free now. For martial arts lovers, we’ve got MMA Manager MOD APK with unlimited money.


Angry Birds Journey will still retain its classic tone, but with a few new faces from the Angry Birds world. We can give you one hint: there’ll be more than one Rovio character who will make an appearance for this game. It’s only fitting that since Angry Birds is such a beloved franchise, we include our legacy characters in the game. But it won’t stop there. Our old favorites will also retain their powers so as to provide maximal fun and entertainment in every level that players are able to create strategies for!

When the player reaches specific levels, they have the opportunity to unlock different characters. The first character is Chuck, a very fast yellow bird who will initially function in an identical way to the red bird. As for Bomb and Silver, just like in “Angry Birds”, both characters will operate in different ways despite being classified spiritually as members of the same species. To help you understand it better let me explain that Bomb, when landing on a structure or a platform made from blocks, will immediately detonate and attack anything close by. As for Silver (and Stella whose abilities are similar to Silver), she has the power to attract everything near her when she lands which can be both useful and dangerous at the same time! More characters will be unlocked in this game mode with new funny moves that we shall explain later on. Also, new types of pigs will be put into “space”.

Power Upgrading

The game will have a load of classic Angry Birds characters as well as some new ones. Besides fighting evil pigs, the birds also have to do a more important job than ever before – rescuing cute little hatching chicks from the enemy pigs who are trying to capture them! To help beat this new threat, players get to use power-ups which can transform their Angry Birds into SUPER ANGRY BIRDS with greater strength for a short period of time. After every turn you can fill up your power bar by gaining extra energy points so that when it’s full your Super Angry Bird will deal out much more damage than expected to their enemy!


Players only need to swipe their hands on the screen to drag, aim and release to shoot bullets forward. This plays exactly like the previous games in this franchise. So players will have no trouble getting quickly reacquainted with this control scheme and mastering it shortly after getting started. Even for children, this easy-to-learn control scheme should pose no problem whatsoever. The game displays important information such as the number of birds you have left to shoot, your current level, and a tally count of how many targets you’ve already hit onscreen today which is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.

Angry Birds Journey Mod Apk

Support items and rewards

The wise strategy is paramount for players to complete each level of Angry Birds: Journey. However, those challenges can be so difficult at times that it’s easy to feel a bit stuck. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of any support items in the game. Things like these are the pieces used to upgrade a character’s skill set as they’re basically exactly like an item that would be found in a “card battle game. A collection of tiered units can help a player make larger and more powerful units, which essentially makes the characters in Angry Birds: Journey stronger, faster and more resilient than they were before. While we don’t want to give away what kinds of upgrades there are available in this app, you should definitely spend some time exploring how it all works!

Conditions for bonus points

The adventure will take players to the beautiful island paradise of birds; with each level, you’ll be able to explore various locations. However, to see the new setting, you must pass the current challenge by collecting points through how many pigs you’ve killed and the number of chicks in your cart. The higher the amount collected, the more pigs fall, and the fewer birds you need for shooting.

Relaxing and stress-free gameplay for all gamers

Here in Angry Birds Journey, Android gamers will have their chances to enjoy the relaxing and stress-free gameplay of Angry Bird adventures, which is available for all mobile gamers. No matter what type of gamer you are, whether you usually prefer challenging or casual gameplay in your mobile games, there are always ways to de-stress and enjoy yourself while playing Angry Birds Journey mod – it’s a unique and innovative experience that’s been designed with customer needs at its core and only requires you to return to levels you feel like revisiting whenever you’re bored.

Explore new exotic locations for a new adventure

The Angry Birds line of video games has been around for over 5 years, and none of that time has gone to waste! In fact, the development team behind these colorful birds is hard at work creating a brand new game known as Angry Birds Journey. This exciting game takes some of the most beloved elements from its predecessors while simultaneously introducing new and unique twists. Therefore, in this game you can expect to encounter a variety of obstacles that will keep you entertained for endless hours!

Angry Birds Journey Mod Apk

Have fun with the captivating storyline

And for those of you who are interested, you can now choose to opt-in and try out the terrific storyline that comes with Angry Birds 2 by visiting our site. We’re excited to give you a sneak peek of the exciting storyline that gamers around the world can enjoy! Take your time and discover how much fun it is to interact with enjoyable in-game animations while playing alongside an engrossing storyline. Experience a wide variety of gameplay created specifically by the best artists we have on the team! Follow along with their story as they set off on their quest across a creative land where anything can happen during their experience filled with fun, adventures, challenges and unexpected twists along the way.

Free to play

This game has all the great features any gamer would want, but it’s still 100% free for all. The amazing game is available for download from So what are you waiting for?

Discover worlds, and solve puzzles:

You are required to have an account with Google Play and the Goproxy network before you can play this mod. You will be prompted to log in once you’ve installed Angry Birds on your device. After having installed the, you can then download that Angry Birds 2 Mod Apk file from the Google play store. Then, you can install it onto your device and enjoy playing this new game! You’ll need to pay attention to the right side of your home screen, as there’s a widget which allows you to switch screens!!

Angry Birds Journey Mod Apk

Every town has its share of angry birds. On the other hand, developers have released a new map that is perfect for anyone hoping to see what the latest Angry Birds installment looks like in person. With all new characters and a plethora of fun levels perfectly suited for everyone, it’s easy to get addicted. See what all the fuss is about with this free demo version!

Destroy the Villain:

The villain in Angry Birds Journey is the ferocious pig. The pig may look others with charming and harmless looks. The fact is contrary to the appearance, they are very naughty on the inside The reason why you need to focus your attention and attack them continuously. Do not let them have the opportunity to counterattack, gradually destroying all the evil pigs forces Work closely with each bird, use guns to aim at every object One level will bring its own challenge, the number of pigs will be more and more crowded Make every opponent lose No longer have a chance to counterattack

A light form of entertainment which brought a lot of fun to play, pictures of cute birds and the attractive gameplay style was not to be outdone. The levels that you face makes you feel overwhelmed and the troops of pigs out to bring you down with their power. Experience the new style of slingshot shooting in this adventure as you conquer each level, throwing birds at your enemies as they try to hurt you. The power of Angry Birds is at hand when you are able to throw multiple birds so take advantage when it’s available or else they will counterattack. Download angry birds journey mod mod apk android devices from our website and enjoy the new world that further immerses you in new country getaways full of enemies looking for revenge.

Graphics and Sounds Quality:


This game is only able to be played if you have purchased it from the app store, not many people have bought this game since it is a very old and uncommon game. Other than that, the gaming experience is overwhelming and soothing making it very interesting and enjoyable. The environment can get very colorful and be nice to look at for those who are interested in these kind of games. The controls are extremely easy to use due to the fact that the user only needs to move their finger/mouse over where they want to shoot as well as releasing it – causing your sling shot to fire automatically hitting whatever target was aimed for (due to its advanced gaming graphics).


The sounds of this game are vibrant and catchy, as you hear the very different sounds of bird songs and crickets as you move about in certain areas. Destruction is also impressive with audio effects like a warm and fuzzy crackling sound when setting fire to things made from wood.

Download\Install of Game:


Although Angry Birds Classic is a great game that never seems to fade in popularity, the development team wanted to introduce something new to keep the series fresh and add a whole other dimension of fun. The result is Angry Birds Journey – a new take on the classic game that fans of all ages will love and come back to time and time again! Staying true to its fun roots, this version is still fairly easy for beginners to pick up but gives them enough complexity and challenge after playing for a little while in order to keep them coming back for more. In this brand new adventure, the birds find themselves sailing through the skies with Red on their very own ship. This platformer can be played offline whenever and wherever you want without having to be connected online. Go ahead and download it now so you can have some fun!


  • Download “Angry Birds Journey MOD APK”.
  • Open the Installer, and complete your process.
  • Install Download Apk without using the internet/wifi.
  • Let it Install Completely In Your Android Device.
  • Open the MOD APK App and Free Unlimited Resources.
  • Enjoy the game

Congratulations! You’ve been gifted a rock by The Creator. That rock has been blessed with magical powers that allow you to play the game Angry Birds on your Android Device without having to spend any money for resources and lives. This gift is out of gratitude for your service to The Creator in the world somewhere, somehow. Use your power wisely and become a defender of all that is good and decent in the universe, most especially towards anything related to Angry Birds.


Set in the beautiful world of Rio, Angry Birds Journey mod apk requires you to master flying and diving with the help of Red, Chuck and Bomb. The game offers regular updates where you can get access to new levels along with fun characters and stunning graphics.

Angry Birds Journey Mod Apk

We’ve told you all the information regarding the game. Now we are imparting you with a working version of it (which is 100% faithful to your official application). In this mod, we have tried to give you all the features which are available in its official variant. But there is a small exception of gemstones in this one. Still, it has everything else including unlimited coins and unlocked everything for free use. Also, if you lose any portion of your account, you can simply recover it by generating new account on the app.


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